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ZEE-Lous is a Social Enterprise focusing on affordable wholistic branding, marketing, sales and website solutions to SME and Solopreneurs. We engage people with special needs as content writers and website designers. It is started out by a group of friends with expertise in retail, sales, marketing, photography, and dreams.

When we started our own businesses, we do not have much capital but we do have lots of drive, passion and a dream. We understand the struggle as small business owners, so we have dedicated ourselves to help solopreneurs and SMEs like yourself to succeed. We know that for us, resources are limited and we need all the help we can get, thus our rates are highly affordable so we can all scale together. 

And in doing so, we hope that our clients can create more jobs for the average Singaporean and our friends with special needs. 


Goh Tjoei Kok


Obsessed with retail online and offline. Believes in the daily grind. But grind smartly.

Jolene Poh

Social Media Specialist

Fashionista! Loves food. Watch too much K drama for own good.

Clarabelle Chew


Eat, live, breaths branding. Specialist in branding, marketing and inspired to be a dog whisperer one day.

Vivian Goh

Website Design / Visual Artist

Loves Barbie and loves her mum. The ultimate life of the party. 

Edwin Chew

Content Writer

Into cosplay. Loves superheroes, and has superpowers.


Talk to us. We would like to hear your dreams and how we can help.

Contact Us

Thank you for your message. We will arrange a coffee meet up with you the soonest.

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